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Submissions close (deadline extended): August 27th, 2023

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LG Electronics is a global leader in Home Appliances & Air Solutions and a front-runner in new innovations.

We believe the concept of the Zero Labor Home is the next big step to help customers live better across the globe.

That is why we allocated budget to proof of concept and adopt the best startup solutions. Our fast-track process ensures selected projects start as quickly as possible.

    What is a Zero Labor Home?

    Zero Labor Home is a future concept that frees from traditional chores such as cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and gardening. AI, robotics, smart systems, and services automate all maintenance and operations, establishing a self-sustaining productive home, liberating from household tasks in the following 5 dimensions:

    Customized Home Appliances

    Aimed to provide convenience by automatically adapting to user’s preference

    • Water dispenser sets the temperature and dispense amount automatically based on the user profile.

    • Air conditioner detects the user and automatically sets wind temperature, speed, and direction (direct/indirect) based on personal preferences.

    Situational Adaptive Products

    Products operated with AI and Sensors

    • Detecting when the user falls asleep to initiate "night mode“.

    • Gas sensor to detect food spoilage, burning, malodor, etc.

    HaaS & Subscription Platforms

    Home as a Service, Subscription models and platforms

    • Subscription platforms for appliances, furniture, home services (on-demand, laundry, cleaning), foods and consumables, etc.  

    • Recurring business models related to appliances.

    • Refurbishment of used appliances in the subscription model.

    • Care services (elderly, pets, kids, etc.)

    Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

    Technologies that can improve energy efficiency of appliances. Sustainable technologies and products

    • Recycling technologies that are applicable to appliances.

    • Technologies and components increases energy efficiency of appliances (heaters, filters, thermal insulators, motors, compressors, heat exchangers, etc.).

    • Sustainable materials and ways to reduce carbon emissions.

    Smart + Caring Service

    Smart home devices and platforms

    • Smart home installation services / retrofit.

    • IoT devices and technologies to enhance connectivity.
    Partnerships with the best startups

    Who and What are we looking for?

     Companies working on groundbreaking innovations.

    ✓  Market-ready solutions.

     Teams ready and willing to scale their business model.

     Companies with clear and valuable solutions to our challenges.

      We're ready to collaborate with bold innovators. Join us in developing cutting-edge solutions that will take customer experience to the next level. Together, we can shift the paradigm of future home.
      Justin Vetrovs
      Michael Holtkamp
      Venture Partner at LGE
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      Challenge timeline

      1. Submit Proposal

      Fill the submission form and introduce your company and solution to LG Electronics - be sure to submit it as complete and clear as possible, formulating a solid case to our selection committee as to why your solution is the right choice. Submissions close on the 20th of August - we recommend submitting your proposal as early as possible to move through the next milestones quicker.

      Receive feedback on Proposal within 2 weeks of submission.

      2. Prepare your joint business proposal.

      Together with our innovation team, you will prepare a joint business proposal exploring and presenting the key strengths and benefits of your solution to LG Electronics and the challenge presented. This milestone runs in parallel to the submission proposal stage - during this time all joint business proposals are prepared and submitted until the 20th of August.

      Receive feedback on Joint Business Proposal by 6th of September.

      3. Pitch your proposal to all key budget holders & decision makers during our event.

      Event Date: 12th of September
      Event Format: Online

      Winners initiate their PoCs shortly after.

      Selection Committee

      Bruce Chang

      Head of Tech Strategy Division

      Hyun-ok Park

      Head of Venture Client Unit
      Michael Holtkamp

      Michael Holtkamp

      Venture Partner
      Sebastian Meyer

      Sebastian Meyer

      Venture Partner
      John Han

      John Han

      Venture Partner

      Hiroyuki John Inoue

      Venture Partner
      Kapil Joshi

      Kapil Joshi

      Venture Partner

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