Join to redefine the Future Home with LG

We empower our partners with their innovations to drive the future of the LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Ecosystem and create new customer experiences together.

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We are looking for cutting edge solutions to:

  • Create smarter living and kitchen experiences at home
  • Redefine the future of home with new services and contents
  • Automate and optimize our daily living at home and buildings
  • Build more sustainable home appliances and A/C's
  • Expand the future home beyond it’s boundaries

Create smarter living
and kitchen experiences
at home

Automate and optimise
our daily living at home
and buildings

Build more sustainable
living appliances and

Redefine the future
of kitchen appliances

Expand the future home
beyond its boundaries

Implement your solution into the LG ecosystem

We find use cases and implement your solution to LG's workflows and products.

We seek unique technologies from startups, SMEs and other corporates that are looking to validate their solutions and scale them into the LG ecosystem. We provide:

  • Validation of cutting edge technologies
  • Fast-track prototyping together with shared knowledge
  • Scaling of successful solutions into commercialization
Partner with us
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Find use cases to implement your solution to LG's workflows and products
We find use cases and implement your solution to LG's workflows and products
New solutions implemented into LG products

Our process

Our structured partnering process ensures that the right solutions get matched to real business needs.

Scouting of companies with disruptive technologies


for companies with disruptive technologies & services that can create new customer experience and business.

Bringing best experts in touch with you


the right experts to evaluate your solution and check collaboration opportunities.

An in-depth evaluation of your technology


your solution in a defined pilot project. After a successful in-depth evaluation phase we will outline the collaboration model.

Scaling your solution towards an adoption


your solution into LG ecosystem and set-up a strong long term partnership.

Access the corporate revenue

Find a new corporate

Validate your solution against real use cases. We offer potential procurement of your solution after a successful validation.

Navigate the corporate culture

Navigate the corporate culture

We guide you through LG´s evaluation process to achieve the target and saving your capacity.

Enter the corporate fast-track

Enter the corporate fast-track

With our streamlined process your solution will be commercialized as fast as possible.

LG Future Home
as your client

  • List your solution in our database
    Tell us about your business and solution via a simple application form.
  • Setup a PoC with one of our business units
    Get connected to one of our business units to give a demo, and start scoping the collaboration with us.
  • Scale your solution
    Let us scale your successful collaboration to other business units of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution around the globe, maximizing your impact.
List your solution in our database
Setup a PoC with one of our business units
Scale your solution across LG
Partner with us
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Why LG Future Home

LG Electronics is a global leader in Home Appliance & Air Solutions field. We provide industry insights and offer access to a multi-billion dollar market. Our way of collaboration relies on strong and fair partnerships with Startups, SMEs and other corporates. We apply our streamlined processes to validate your solution with pre-allocated budget, adopt it to customer needs and scale it globally. Combining your innovative solutions and our industry knowledge we can create new experiences for our customers and explore new business fields together.

KPI-driven validation for you solution

KPI-driven validation of your solution

Fast-track to adoption

Fast-track adoption

Access to multi-billion dollar market

Access to a multi-billion dollar market

Focus Areas

We seek unique solutions in multiple areas to integrate into our core business.



  • Washers, Dryers
  • Combo
  • Styler - Steam Clothing
    Care System
  • Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  • Robotic Cleaner


  • Refrigerators, Freezers
  • Dishwashers
  • Ovens
  • Cooktops
  • Hoods
  • Microwaves


  • Air Conditioners (both residential and commercial)
  • Air Purifier
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Home Energy Management System
New Areas: Your Business Ideas

Business Ideas

We are looking for major customer centric enhancement of our products. The innovation can be a new material, component technology or software building block that values up the experience or the sustainability of our products.


  • New laundry solutions
  • Smart cooking technologies
  • Hygienic innovations
  • AI vision for food/cooking state detection
  • AI fault detection
  • Upgradable features
  • Sensors device and improved data analytics
  • New components and product accessories
  • Advanced materials & coatings

We are looking for new digital services or content to enhance our customer experiences. These solutions should provide additional value to the user of our products. They can be embedded into our LG ThinQ platform.


  • AI services & big data for smart home
  • Personalized cooking recipes
  • Digital laundry management
  • Cloth care services
  • Metaverse (e.g. digital shop-floor)
  • Improved E-Commerce
  • Enhanced delivery services

We are looking for enablers with the capability to establish new Home Appliance & Air Solution related business categories and/or platforms.

Our mission:
The innovation catalyst of LG

We envision a future where everybody within LG can easily join forces with external partners to create value for our customers.

Every function within LG can join forces with external partners
Create value for our customers Robot finger

Creating value to our customers, together

Co-creation shapes the way our future homes will look like. Through our partnerships, we help LG create innovative and exciting user experiences for our customers around the globe.

We connect our external partners to LG’s business units systematically to validate and integrate new solutions into our workflows and products.

Creating value to our customers, together
Creating value to our customers

Creating value to our customers, together.

Leveraging the power of open innovation allows us to create unique solutions to some of the most pressing challenges within the future home market. In exchange we share our industry know-how with our partners to create long-term partnerships.

The industry's most comprehensive partner network

Our 360° View.
The industry's most comprehensive partner network.

Our network of external partners can reach far beyond LG's core expertise. With broad knowledge of the outside solution landscape we are able to identify and propose answers for internal challenges efficiently.

We know and follow the latest market trends

Customer centric.
We know and follow the latest market trends.

We stay on top of the latest industry trends to enable our business units with the technologies of tomorrow, letting us at LG provide cutting edge solutions to our customers.

We focus on solution that create real value

Impact driven.
We focus on solution that create real value.

Each partnership at LG Future Home has a purpose. We measure our impact systematically to ensure maximum value created from every collaboration we start.

Meet the team

We are a global team of venture partners that wants to connect to your company locally in your region. LG Future Home gathers members with highly diverse experience and background. This mix is essential to become your sparring partner during the evaluation of your solution and the matching towards LG business needs.

We have set up regional teams all around the world. LG Future Home wants to be close to you as our partner and we want to be visible in the regions. Close relationship and trust are essential to create long term collaborations through our venture client approach.

We are excited to collaborate with you. So, please feel free to reach out to LG Future Home and connect to one of our local venture partners.

Venture Client Unit Global



Hyun-ok Park
Head of Venture Client Unit

Park Hyun-ok is an Open Innovation Task Leader in the H&A Technology Strategy Shil and has various careers in academia and industry in Korea and the United States.
She holds B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Chemical engineering and her speciality is in Rheology.
Although she started her career as a researcher in LG, she has been carrying out overseas open innovation, new business development, and technology strategy planning as well as research and development.

Arm Yoo
Venture Partner
Arm Yoo

Arm brings her intensive background in advanced technology planning and Open Innovation for our Home Appliances into the LG Future Home team. She has successfully launched startup challenges in Korea and worked with various startup incubator. Arm will use these experiences to establish collaborations with Korean partners for LG Future Home.


Yonghee Hahm
Venture Partner

Yonghee is a dynamic professional with diverse experience spanning research & development, new business development, and sales engineering since joining LG in 2017. Yonghee's academic background is rooted in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Vision, providing a unique skillset that has been invaluable in their current role on the open innovation team. Yonghee is currently focused on fostering collaborations with startups and small-to-medium enterprises, broadening technological horizons through varied and innovative projects.

Joon-Sung Park
Venture Partner
Joonsung Park

Joonsung had a background of engineering in material sciences before he started his career at LG in the development of home appliances. He managed R&D planning in China and supported LG‘s Open Innovation activities from Korean HQ. Joonsung‘s expertise in Open Innovation and development together with his connection into the Chinese ecosystem enables him to successfully transfer solutions from Chinese partners into global LG products.


Santa Clara

Tadashi Asami
Venture Partner
Tadashi Asami

Tadashi is an engineer with extensive knowledge and experience in the research, development and design of HA products. He is also familiar with the industry structure, commercial distribution, and quality issues in the Japanese market. Tadashi knows how to utilize new elemental technologies and connects them to customer value. He will contribute to matching the technological seeds with the optimal market needs.

Hiroyuki John Inoue
Venture Partner

Hiroyuki is an engineer with extensive knowledge and experience in home appliance technology strategy, elemental technology development, and mass production design.
He has created products and services with high customer value through collaboration with many companies and Japanese universities.
He will aim to create new customer value and commercialize it through open innovation with his partners.


Audrey Kim
Venture Partner
Audrey Kim

Audrey brings her background in mechanical and biomedical engineering into the LG Future Home team. She started her career at LG in the Air Care R&D team within the Home Appliance and Air Solutions Division. During her R&D career, her expertise was in the field of air and water hygiene with many years of experience in a biological laboratory settings. She holds a B.S. and M.S. in mechanical engineering.

John Han
Venture Partner
John Han

John Han is a Director of Open Innovation and Partnership overseeing North America for LG Home Appliance and Air Solution. He has 17+ years of experience with multinational technology companies leading wide range of external partnerships in the areas of corporate strategy, product planning, business development, and open innovation. He holds MS in Mechanical Engineering and MBA.

Tel Aviv


Stefan Kim
Venture Partner
Stefan Kim

Stefan started his career in Plasma Display Panel R&D, which helped him understanding the details on Open Innovation. After facilitating Open Innovation for LG affiliate companies for 11 years together with R&D top managements, he joint LG Electronics Home Appliance and Air Solution division to encourage the collaboration with outside partners more aggressively. Stefan studied image and pattern recognition which is basic for AI.

Michael Holtkamp
Venture Partner
Michael Holtkamp

Michael has long year experience working in and leading open innovation activities in a wide range of application fields within LG. He is very familiar with the European startup culture and innovation ecosystem. He initiated strategic partnerships with startups, but also with other corporates.  Michael worked in the telecommunication and semiconductor industry before joining LG and he has an engineering degree in electronics and computer engineering.


Sun-Soon Yang
Venture Partner
Sunsoon Yang

Sun-Soon is experienced in business development with focus on new DX solutions. Over 15 years of work experiences in LG Group, she managed diverse international cooperation projects and developed extensive networks within LG and European startup ecosystem. She holds a master degree in business administration.

Sebastian Meyer
Venture Partner
Sebastian Meyer

Sebastian is passionate about deep technologies that can create clean energy related impact and new consumer-centric smart home experiences. Before joining LG Future Home he successfully initiated technology collaborations and strategic partnerships for various LG Group affiliates in the areas of next generation display, semiconductor devices, advanced materials and artificial intelligence. Sebastian earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and a M.Sc. in the field of Nanotechnology.


Kapil Joshi
Venture Partner
Kapil Joshi

Kapil Joshi has extensive 23 years of experience in his carrier from R&D, Product Development, Manufacturing, Sales & product Planning. He started LG’s open innovation drive in India & has vast experience to work with startups, universities for new Technologies & innovations.

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